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If you want a place where you can enjoy the fresh air so that you can rest and a place to invest and grow, we have a special place for everyone. It's D'RAN FOREST CANOPY ECOTOURISM ZONE

Located 100m from Ninh Thuan province and 20km from Binh Thuan province and Dalat city center.

When coming here, visitors will feel the fresh and cool atmosphere at the resort.

Project examples include:

-          To the northwest it borders Da lat.

-          To the east by Ninh Thuan

-          To the west it borders Duc Trong district

-          To the south it borders Ninh Thuan

-          To the north it borders Luoyang

-          The whole district has 8 communes, 2 towns

-          The average elevation above sea level is 1000m

Objectives of the project

Manage forest protection, economic afforestation and ecotourism exploitation, bring economic efficiency, contribute to creating jobs, raising people's incomes, and collecting local budgets.

Investment incentives and support:

-          Corporate income tax incentives

-          Incentives on land rent exemption and reduction.

-          Enjoy other preferential policies in accordance with current laws.